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Conserverie  –  Maison Dehesa

“Respecting the integrity of the product starts with the time you spend on it. " From Florence Châtelet Sanchez, Owner of Maison Dehesa.

Our philosophy of taste is based on respect for time in the aging cycles and those of maturation. Without additives or preservatives, our first ingredient is time.

Since 2011, Maison Dehesa Brand has supported the greatest chefs in the world, shifting the focus of culinary creation somewhat from the kitchens to the land, in order to enhance the work of the artisan-producer.

We owe this "agricultural" culinary creation first of all to our artisans, guardians of ancestral know-how, the last of their generation to perpetuate the gestures of wild agriculture and conservation. Thanks to them, we promote the biodiversity of soils, marine environments and living species.

To do this, Maison Dehesa brand has carried out research and development work unique in the world for 10 years, combining all the crafts of fermentation, both Mediterranean and Japanese, according to a house process of slow maturation.

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