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Cold cuts made only with the finest parts of the Iberian Bellota pork animal (ham, collar, bellota fat) and selected high quality spices. Incomparable texture and a nuanced taste thanks to a balance of spices.


Made from presa, the most prized and tender lean of Iberico pork, and the fat of Bellota and selected spices, this chorizo offers a melting texture and a floral and very balanced aromatic palate.Race Patanegra, bred in full Dehesa: genetic specificity which brings tenderness and unique marbling.


Natural food composed of hardy herbs and Bellota which provides the fat with a mineral filter and a flowery tone. 


A creation By MAISON DEHESA: The food of our animals is 100% natural: food composed of rustic herbs (thyme, rosemary, ears of bread,) and 2 seasons of Bellota (aged 18 to 24 months against 12 on the market). The animals are then placed in slaughterhouses only approved for cutting Iberico or Patanegra pigs in accordance with the Iberian tradition.Double ripening and 100% artisanal: the sausages are ripened for up to 12 months, in mountain air, and in cellars by a manual ventilation system to ensure a delicate taste without a pronounced note of salt.


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