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Order Now, Delivery from 29th January 2022

*Price is after 20% discount.


Per set includes:

  • Butter by Bordier Selection / 1 pc
    (Please select UNSALTED or SALTED)
  • Chocolate by Laurent Gerbaud / 1 pc (Please select 1 flavor)
  • Jam by Stefan Perrotte / 1 pc (Please select 1 flavor)
  • Olive Oil by Le Carre des Huiles / Bottle 50 CL
    (Please select AGLANDAU or PICHOLINE)
  • Cheese Comte AOP 2018 by Bordier Selection / 100 g
  • Paleta Iberico De Bellota DOP Reserva 2016 from By Dehesa
    / 100 g
  • Dry Pork Filet Mignon with Oregano by Emmanuel Chavassieux / 100 g
  • Classic Dry Saucisson by Emmanuel Chavassieux / 200 g
  • Pate de Porc (Pork Liver) by Christian Parra / 200 g
  • Roasted Bell Peppers In Pedro Ximenez Vinegar from By Dehesa / 175 g
  • Tradition Mustard by Maison Clarance / 140 g



  • Olive Oil AGLANDAU comes from olives picked at optimum ripeness which gives it this sweetness, characterized by aromas of ripe apple, dried fruits, even exotic fruits.
  • Olive Oil PICHOLINE is a variety of olive giving a deep green oil with vegetal, herbaceous aromas of raw artichoke. It leaves a slight ardency and bitterness in the mouth.



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