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1st Xeres vinegar in single grape variety. 1st balsamic vinegar with no added sugar or added caramelization process. Aged in century-old oak barrels and unfiltered. Aging process continues in bottle.


Biodynamic cultivation: in the “albarizas” vineyards: these are lands made up of very dense siliceous sands near Jerez, in Andalusia, allowing lighter to reflect. Combined with late harvest and drying of the bunches in the sun for 24 hours, we manage to concentrate the natural sugar contained in this grape variety, without the addition of additional sugar.


Complex and balanced aromatic palette and the widest on the market, ranging from bitterness (cocoa, chocolate) to softer tones of candied fruits, red fruits, nuts and honey. Traditional aging based on the strict replication of ancestral methods of vinification of Xeres / P.X wine, known as “Criada” and “Solera”.


Control of the acidity rate at less than 6%.


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