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Canned anchovies often have a floury texture with an overly salty taste. Maison DEHESA wanted to reinvent anchovies, offering a buttery texture and delicate salty and nutty notes, thanks to an unprecedented 12 to 24 months curing period. Their bones are removed using special tweezers, allowing for the lowest salt content on the market.


  • Responsible fishing in the Gulf of Cantabria.
  • Buttery and melting texture.
  • Iodized notes and dried fruit aromas.
  • No overly salty notes.
  • No additives or preservatives.


Packaging : Small Format XXL : Semi-preserved under vacuum - Drained

Net Weight: approximately 100g (8 fillets).


Tasting at Home : Carefully open the box and lid. Using cutlery (preferably wooden), take out the anchovies, drain them briefly and arrange them in a dish. Wait until they are at temperature (to the touch, you shouldn't feel any temperature difference between the anchovy and your finger) and discover the iodized notes and nutty aromas in their simplest form.


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฿908.00Sale Price

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